For over 20 years, the Kirkland Group (TKG) has consistently had a  positive impact on students, teachers, and administrators. We continue to achieve this by customizing an instructional design for all of our clients. 

This is notification that the Kirkland Group is applying for the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant for the East Tallahatchie School District. 

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Jackson Public Schools

“The Kirkland Group has supported teachers and leaders in elementary, middle, and high schools across our district for several years. On every level, we’ve seen gains in teacher effectiveness and student achievement. The team has provided expertise, flexibility, and customer service in a collaborative effort to serve all of our children and families.”

—  Errick L. Greene, Ed.D., Superintendent


The Kirkland Group (TKG) partners with K-12 schools and districts to support individual student needs, improve academic achievement, and build teacher and principal capacity. With a relentless focus on improving academic outcomes for all students, we offer a comprehensive suite of evidence-based solutions, including teacher coaching, assessment, curriculum, and professional development solutions.

Contact our office today to sign up for Praxis workshops. Be sure to get a copy of Praxis Core for Dummies, 1001 Praxis Core Questions for Dummies, or Praxis Elementary Education for Dummies, written by Carla Kirkland, Chan Cleveland, and the Kirkland Group team.

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​​McCoy Elementary School After School Program 

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