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A strong ACT score is one of the most important criterion used by college admissions officers. Trust your child with The Kirkland Group and give them the tools and confidence they need to get accepted to the schools they desire.


A strong ACT score is one of the most important criteria used by college admissions officers. Ensure your student’s success by enrolling him/her into one of The Kirkland Group’s ACT Prep sessions.


Your student will be paired with a highly qualified instructional coach who will design a tutorial session tailored to meet his/her specific academic needs. 


The Kirkland Group’s ACT Prep Session is an outstanding value. Powered by ACT SUCCESS, this program is offered in a manner that respects your schedule and your budget. Contact us today for information about individual and group rates!


Standardized tests do not mean standardized strategies. Motivation, self-confidence and proven methods are the secrets to success. We believe that each student is unique; our teachers are trained to maximize a student’s strengths and minimize any barriers to learning.  We have a unique ability to evaluate your student’s difficulties and develop the appropriate program.


The Kirkland Group has adopted Academic Tutoring Center’s ACT Success Program. ACT Success is the perfect solution for schools and teachers seeking to maximize student ACT scores. ACT Success can be used as a stand-alone course or provided to individual students to complete the prep on their own. It can also be easily integrated into the school day in a variety of manners. We work closely with each of our partner schools to set up the perfect delivery method for your school’s unique needs.

The Kirkland Group's ACT SUCCESS Program features:
  • ACT SUCCESS, Textbook by Academic Educational Resources

  • Highly-Qualified English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science Teachers

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Exam completion pacing techniques

  • Scaffolding and remediation based on skill deficiencies

The ACT® SUCCESS program removes the unnecessary fluff while focusing directly on the content students and teachers need to know for the test. Each component of the program focuses on the essential skills students need, including the latest and most proven test-taking strategies and tips while ensuring that students have ample opportunity to practice in order to maximize their score 3 to 5 points and higher! Our proven formula for maximizing scores is very simple:

1.    Review each section of the test while learning tips, mastering strategies, and reviewing the skills necessary to do well on each section (The Rules).

2.    Practice the skills taught for each section and apply the appropriate test-taking strategies and tips that reflect each rule through Skill Builders and Quizzes (Skill Builders).

3.    Put everything together by taking timed mini practice tests (Practice Passages).

4.    Build confidence on skills and strategies through practice via 5 full-length practice tests. By the time test-day arrives, students are ready, confident, and prepared to earn Their Personal A+™!

The Kirkland Group’s ACT Success program only utilizes full-length retired exams from the test publisher. These retired exams provide an incredibly accurate picture of your students’ current skill level and needs. The tests are nationally normed, giving schools the confidence they seek when it comes to targeted solutions and results. Our data reports arrive within 3 to 5 business days after submission, allowing schools nearly instant feedback to further support your students. TKG’s ACT Success reports are preferred by Educators, Students, and Parents nationwide:



•    You only need to scan the bubble sheets and e-mail them to us for immediate processing.

•    Results are easy to understand and offer actionable items to maximize student scores.

•    A dedicated rep is assigned to answer all of your data questions and support your program.

ACT SUCCESS Teacher Guides, Materials, and Support

At TKG, we know that your teachers are essential to your students’ academic success, so it also makes sense that they be an integral part of their students’ test prep success. While most teachers do not see themselves as test prep experts, we know that with a bit of coaching, personal support, detailed lesson plans, fully explained answers, and award-winning training (online and in-person options), your teachers will quickly embrace the quality and ease of use our program offers. 

ACT SUCCESS Bootcamps for Students

TKG offers very targeted and focused ACT® Bootcamps for students. In 3 hours, students will learn the latest and most proven test-taking strategies. Most importantly, our presenters have decades of experience within the test preparation field. Your students deserve nothing but the best presenters who motivate, encourage, and ensure that students maximize their score. These workshops are typically scheduled no later than three weeks prior to the real ACT®. • 

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