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The Kirkland Group (TKG) provides customized support to all levels of administrators including Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors (e.g., Curriculum and Federal Programs), and all other administrative positions that may need assistance.  Our coaches work side-by-side with administrators to ensure essential duties and functions related to their positions are carried out efficiently. The Kirkland Group provides high-quality professional development sessions to build the capacity of administrative teams, increase the effectiveness of leaders, and meet the needs of adult learners. 

We provide support in the following areas:

  • General Planning – Assist in understanding the broad goals of the school and plan accordingly to ensure procedures and schedules are implemented in order to carry out the total school program

  • General Coordination – Oversee the school-wide program and ensure that it is compatible with the legal, financial, and organizational structure of the school system


  • Professional Development – Provide professional development activities that ensure the professional growth of the staff and enhance the quality of the instructional program


  • School and Curriculum Goals – Use data to clearly identify annual goals for the instructional programs of the entire school and/or for a specific subject area/grade level. Faculty and other stakeholders must be involved in this development.


  • Monitoring the Instructional Program – Constantly evaluate student progress by using current data maintained within the instructional program


  • Facilitation of Organizational Efficiency – Maintain clear inter-school communication and seek assistance from central office staff to improve all areas of performance 


  • New Students and New Staff – Provide orientations to new staff and students and assist them in making a smooth transition into the school culture


  • Managing Supplies and Equipment – Ensure the effective maintenance of records that concern all materials, equipment, and supplies necessary to properly run the school on a daily basis 


  • Community Services – Encourage the use of community resources, cooperate with the community in the use of school facilities (as approved by central office), articulate the school program to the community, involve community members in school decisions when possible, and maintain consistent, positive communication with community members



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