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Curriculum Audits to Support Implementation and Planning

A team of administrative coaches from The Kirkland Group will assist district and school level administrators in an intense and independent scrutiny of policies, planning, organizational relationships, administrative functioning, curriculum design and delivery, equity, feedback use, budgeting, facilities, and additional factors that contribute to the optimization of the school system. ​


The product will be a comprehensive, detailed, and exceedingly useful report. The detailed report will analyze the district's programs and policies, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and recommend concrete courses of action to improve and advance quality in the educational organization.

The following questions will drive the overall analysis of the curriculum audit:

  • Does the school system have a properly managed instructional program (curriculum) that is planned, executed, and assessed in accordance with appropriate standards?

  • How does the school system conform to the standards of quality in an instructional organization? Such a relationship includes the following:

    • Adequacy, specificity, and scope of board policies and planning

    • Sufficient quality in direction for teaching and learning

    • Consistency and equity in schools and program implementation

    • Effectiveness of program and process monitoring and assessment

    • Use and allocations of budget and resources for productivity and quality improvement

  • Are all students achieving success equally and effectively within the school system, and if not, what can be done about it?

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