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A strong ACT score is one of the most important criterion used by college admissions officers. Trust your child with The Kirkland Group and give them the tools and confidence they need to get accepted to the schools they desire.



The Kirkland Group, now celebrating 21 years of partnering with schools and districts, delivers proven professional learning solutions. Our professional development builds the capacity of teachers and leaders to raise and sustain student achievement. Delivered by our team of experienced coaches, our technical solutions feature best practices directly informed by research and our long-standing involvement with schools and districts.


  • Mathematics

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • US History

  • Leadership

In addition to facilitating content-specific professional development sessions, TKG's instructional coaches also provide instructional support in the following areas:


  • Assisting the principal in creating a calendar for school-wide professional development that is directly related to school and district improvement plans

  • Coordinating activities and scheduling of school and district trained staff in targeted professional development, such as (but not limited to) the integration of technology and differentiated instruction

  • Coordinating school-wide efforts in creating a common system of classroom walk-through

For more information about The Kirkland Group’s services, please contact Chan Cleveland at 601-206-5505 or by email at



Sample Titles for ELA Professional Development


  • Implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility

  • High-Quality Tier 1 ELA Instruction

  • Mastering the ELA Questar Assessment

  • Close Reading: Building Strong Readers

  • Writing to Sources

  • Literacy Across the Curriculum

  • Vocabulary In Action

  • Implementing Core Strategies 

  • Prove It: Citing Textual Evidence

  • Encouraging Student Collaboration 

  • Creating Text Dependent Tasks

  • Annotations: The Student’s First Essay Draft

  • Modeling Expert Thinking

Sample Titles for Math Professional Development


  • STEM For All

  • High-Quality Tier 1 Math Instruction

  • Implementing the Mathematical Practices

  • Mastering the Most Challenging Math Standards

  • Developing Math Test Items

  • The Differentiated Math Classroom

  • Algebra Readiness

  • Rigor Readiness

  • Mastering the Math Questar Assessment

  • Modeling Expert Thinking

  • Performance Task Proficiency

  • Math Conceptional Connections 

Sample Titles for Science Professional Development

  • STEM For All

  • High Quality Tier 1 Science Instruction

  • Mastering Science and Engineering Practices

  • Best Practices for Life Sciences

  • Best Practices for Physical Sciences

  • Mastery Concepts for Earth and Space Science

  • Mastering the Most Challenging Science Standards

  • Drafting Science Test Items

  • The Differentiated Science Classroom

Training Session with

Carla Kirkland

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