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See what others are saying about The Kirkland Group. 


Jackson Public Schools

Errick  Greene, Ed.D.


The Kirkland Group has supported teachers and leaders in elementary, middle, and high schools across our district for several years.  On every level, we’ve seen gains in teacher effectiveness and student achievement.  The team has provided expertise, flexibility, and customer service in a collaborative effort to serve all of our children and families."

Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District

Dr. Mary Brown


I would like to express gratitude on behalf of all the Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District’s faculty and staff. We appreciate the outstanding contributions through service provided to our students and instructional staff by Mrs. Carla Kirkland and TKG consultants to assist with increasing student achievement as the district transitioned through its first year of consolidation with approximately 5,000 students.

TKG’s passion for, and a comprehensive understanding of, every single aspect of curriculum and instruction, and professional development was remarkable and contagious. The suggestions and contributions provided by TKG consultants were beneficial throughout the district.

I would like to thank you for your excellent efforts and commitment in assisting us during this Coronavirus pandemic by creating weekly instructional packets for grades PreK-12th and offering virtual professional development opportunities for our teachers.   I am impressed with your dedicated and professional staff who have helped us avoid unfavorable deficiencies, which may have led to additional cost and time delay.


We are grateful for TKG’s efforts and contributions and look forward to working with you in the near future!

Thank you!

East Jasper School District

Nadene Arrington



“The East Jasper School District sincerely thanks The Kirkland Group for its invaluable assistance with providing us with high-quality instructional resources that have supported our efforts toward continued teaching and learning for our students—many of whom live in extremely rural areas of the district and lack internet access.  The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and above all—compassionate—as they have helped us navigate an unanticipated transition into a new hybrid age of education in the time of COVID-19." 

Pleasure to Partner With

Sharon R. Hoye

I cannot express in words how beneficial The Kirkland Group has been to our school as we seek to raise the level of success among the students and staff each school year. It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with The Kirkland Group in providing the necessary support and training needed to ensure that our students receive a world-class education. The Kirkland Group has an in-depth knowledge of the Mississippi College and Career Standards. Over the years, the organization has provided the staff with strong foundational knowledge in evidence-based instruction and research on effective teaching and learning. During our long-standing partnership, The Kirkland Group has provided our staff with a wide range of services:

  • On-site professional development that included side by side teaching and coaching

  • Co-teaching with the effective implementation of our programs and how it aligns to the Mississippi College and Career Standards

  • Classroom observation with feedback and support

  • Implementation of engaging lessons and activities that are aligned to the Mississippi College and Career Standards

  • Support for teachers in serving a diverse population of students with the development of effective skills and strategies

  • Provide strong foundational knowledge in evidence-based instruction and research on effective teaching and learning

During my time at N. H. Pilate Middle School, the Kirkland Group helped in the transition of N. H. Pilate Middle School from a “D” accountability rating to a High-Performing “B” rating in a short period of time. Later, as I transitioned to Lake Middle School, the organization transitioned as well to help provide the foundation for academic growth. The outstanding academic performance of the Kirkland Group has placed them in an advantageous position when it comes to providing a world-class education. Their record of success attracts you to their organization, but their level of commitment and support solidifies an ongoing partnership. My goal has always

been – “Do what is best for the student” and the Kirkland Group supports the goal whole-heartily. 

Clinton Public School District

Tim L. Martin, Ed.D.


As the superintendent of Clinton Public School District, I would like to thank The Kirkland Group for their work in our district over the past two years. Their focus on teachers and students was very evident and our teachers bought into the training that was provided because of this. Their consultants knew their content and were able to communicate with our staff in a manner that lead them to new understanding regarding the standards and effective instruction. We don't utilize many consultants in CPSD, but I would not hesitate to call upon the Kirkland Group in the future as needs arise.

Shannon Middle School

B. W.


“I am honored to recommend The Kirkland Group to any school looking to enhance teachers' professional development and raise test scores. We have partnered with The Kirkland Group for two years, and we have seen teachers' knowledge of best-evidenced based instructional and assessment strategies increase, along with our students' test scores.”

West Point High School

Wynesther C. Cousins 


“Our ELA department has been empowered by TKG.  They have provided mini-lessons and strategies to increase student mastery.  They have helped ELA teachers better understand the standards and generate effective instructional plans utilizing the C3D document. Thanks to TKG our math department is headed in the right direction.  They spend effortless hours empowering teachers and demonstrating how to utilize strategies listed in the C3D document.”


Heidelberg Junior High School

Kimbra’ Bullock


“The rigor and alignment of Kirkland’s lessons afford our teachers more opportunities to interact with families and provide timely feedback versus spending precious time searching for materials that are suitable for both online and print formats.”


The New William J. Berry Elementary School

Stacy Collins


“The Kirkland “Fillable” online packets for grades Pre-K -6th have proved a phenomenal asset for my teachers as we all pivot to a new mode of delivering instruction to our students during these challenging times. In addition, our transition into the use of digital classroom resources has been almost effortless due to the staff’s unlimited support.” 

Heidelberg High School

Keithsha Jones


“Kirkland Group’s instructional materials—provided in both PDF and fillable forms—are not only aligned to the Mississippi College and Career-Ready Standards but also student- and parent-friendly.  Furthermore, they provide continuity in lesson development district-wide.”

Choctaw Tribal Schools

Ken McMullan


“Throughout this week, BCES teachers have been diligently learning how to provide online instruction for students. Consultants with The Kirland Group have meticulously guided teachers through the nuts and bolts of Google Classroom. The workshop was provided through Zoom with some teachers joining from BCES and some from the comfort of their own homes.”

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